A 3D route through disease space

To illustrate the the route a sick individual traces through disease space as they grow sick, then recover, I’ve tried plotting the data in three dimensions and then printing the result.  I think this works best when we ignore time and just look at symptom dimensions.  The video shows the route followed by a mouse traveling through red blood cell by reticulocyte by macrophage space during malaria (RBC by Fech by SSA3).  The green part shows comfort while blue is sickness and yellow is recovery.  The data are found in:


I’ve carried this model around with me to meetings and I’ll whip it out and show it off if anyone asks what I do.  It works, but it is a bit fragile and awkward to carry in my pocket.  I’m thinking of printing it in bronze so that it is stronger but I’ll have to make it smaller to keep it affordable.  It is still going to be uncomfortable and now I’m more likely to break than the model.


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