Looping malaria bracelet

This bracelet fits a smooth curve through the disease space traveled by a mouse suffering from malaria.  I plotted red blood cells by reticulocytes by macrophages.  To orient the plot, there are two hemispheres on one of the larger orbs.  If you orient one hemisphere vertically and the other pointinge east, this lets you position position the graph in space.  In practice, the bracelet looks like a broken diaper pin and fits awkwardly on my arm and I don’t think that I’ll be following up on this design.  I put a patina on the brass to see what this looked like.  I love the colors but didn’t understand how fragile the flaking patina would become.  Below this I’ve shown the original bracelet, before I sprayed it with the corroding agent.

Patina bracelet.jpgdiaper pin bracelet.jpg


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