Dancing data Rube Goldberg device

I don’t expect this to catch on, but I still like the way this zoetrope turned out.  I took data from a malaria infected mouse and plotted rings for 8 parameters.  The first ring was parameter 1 x parameter 2.  Next I made parameter 2 x parameter 3 and so on until I constructed 7 rings.  The earliest parameters to react are at the bottom of the cylinder. The vertical braces are required to hold the rings in place.   malaria zoetrope.jpg

As with the zoetrope of my jumping wife, if I put this object on a turntable and illuminate it with a strip of laser light I can reveal a pattern in the data.  These data don’t exactly dance; rather they spasm starting at the bottom and moving to the top.  If you look carefully at each bright point, you will see that most of them form little loops, which is what we expect them to do as the infected mouse traces a loop through disease space.  This graph shows the mouse tracing 7 loops through phase space and reveals the differences in timing for each space.


Here is a version with a much brighter and green laser that lets you see the model at the same time that you see the animation.


I am thinking about re-orienting some of the data so that each loop moves in the same direction and starts in a similar place; this will send a more organized wave through the graph.  I suppose that I could find appropriate correlations in this data set to reconstruct a dancing figure.  I’m not sure that would be useful but it could look interesting.

If I could think of a portable way of playing the video I could make this as a bracelet.


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