Data waves


I’m trying to find ways of visualizing waves pass through my data.  I printed graphs of a malaria infection and then photographed them using Dragonframe to stitch together a stop motion movie.  I could do this entirely on the computer but I like stop motion animation.

These movies all show the same graphs following 12 parameters during a P.chabaudi infection in mice.  The circular arrangement highlights that the beginning and end of the infection resemble each other.  The simple movie showing just one graph is the easiest way to see a wave starting on the left and passing to the right.  The middle movie shows a graph in front evolving over time, and lined up behind the graph are all of the future graphs.  What we are trying to do is understand how we can take information in the front graph and predict what will happen in the future for all parameters.  I’m wondering if we consider that our physiology has waves passing through it this can help us better understand our health.  Would it help to understand the speed, amplitude and wavelength of these waves?







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