Data wave zoetrope 2


The first malaria data zoetrope I posted didn’t have a clean behavior; I could see that something happened at the bottom and this something moved to the top, but it was disorganized.  Sometimes the radius would increase, sometimes it would decrease and the looping movement of the bands made it confusing.  I tried to fix that here by simply plotting each parameter at a constant height and varying only the radius to show how each parameter changed over time.  I arranged things so that parameters that decreased and then increased were inverted, so that all of the data move in the same direction.   I also added more parameters and decreased the size of the cross braces, so that they would be less prominent.  Now there is clearly a wave that moves from the bottom of the graph to the top as time progresses.

That second loop from the bottom is a gut microbe that quickly goes extinct during an infection.  I might remove that next time because it happens so quickly that it is difficult to see and the extended loop is distracting.  I will try printing this again but this time, instead of making the radius change by a maximum of 2 cm, I’ll make it 5 cm or some larger fraction of the graph size.



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