Data wave automaton

As I’ve been making these 3D versions of our data I’ve been thinking that these look like gears that might be used in a machine that could program the way we respond to infections.  I thought I would try building the machine.

I’ve been looking for a way to show the wave pattern in my data.  Static diagrams don’t show the dynamics of the system.  The zoetropes work but they aren’t easy to move off my desk.    I thought I would try building some automata and program them with my  data.  This machine has a nine people doing the wave.  I thought that I could drive home the metaphor that the data looks like a wave by making he people actually wave.  The cam for each person is programmed with data from a single parameter for a mouse malaria infection.  From left to right they show:  IL12, IFN gamma, Parasite Density, IL10, Biliverdin, Granulocytes, Orotidine, reticulocytes and finally gamma/delta T cells.  I like the way the gamma/delta T cells come up long after everyone else and that biliverdin in the middle makes an abortive jump at the end.

As we gather more data, we could make a whole stadium of these guys, where each row would show how a different environmental condition or genetic background would lead to a different pattern.



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