Zoetropic bracelets

I wanted to make a zoetrope that was more portable than the baskets I’ve posted earlier.  I tried to do this using a bracelet.  These bracelets plot the symptoms of a malaria infection and cover about 3 weeks of the infection.  Each symptom is plotted as a cylindrical bar graph that changes in radius as the symptom grows and shrinks.  Days zero and days twenty five meet seamlessly as the animal recovers its original health.  I like the look of the copper colored sixteen parameter  bracelet that would look appropriate on Wonder Woman, but that would cost a fortune to forge.


To view these bracelets as zoetropes I place them on a record player and illuminate them with a sheet of laser light.  These show a wave starting about day four and proceeding through day eighteen.  These bracelets are more stable than the baskets I made earlier but I haven’t found a reasonable way of making the reader portable.



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