Rippling data

Here I’ve made an automaton that plots the changes we see over the course of a malaria infection as circular waves radiating from a central point.  I like this model because it supports the idea that an initial disturbance creates waves that move in all directions, though all of our physiology.

That first point to rise is interleukin 12, followed by interferon gamma.  The last ring shows the behavior of gamma-delta T cells.  In real life, the cycle occurs once and then never again as we become immune to malaria.


This model is based on an automaton (hand-cranked-automaton-mimics-the-effect-of-a-raindrop-hitting-water) made by Dean O’Callahan (  His model is more regular because he is using regularly shaped cams to drive his machine; I’m visualizing actual data and my curves are less regular.